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Live an authentic experience on our bike shop and in our points of sale, through our universes: MTB , Trial and Dirt. Our advisers are committed to providing you with their ideas, inspirations and personalized advice to achieve all your sports projects. Serious Connection guarantees you quality products with a wide choice of bikes sold online or in stores. Discover the pleasure of pedaling thanks to our selection of bikes: Trial 26 ”, Trial 20 ”, Trial kid and Street 24”. Drive at full power and enjoy the quality of carbon thanks to our frames and forks: 26” fork, 24” fork, 20” fork, 26” frame, 24” frame, 20” frame, child frame , frame parts. Serious Connection simplifies your life for your cockpit thanks to innovative products: handlebar , stem , grip and headset. Choose your cycling experience with a qualitative selection of your braking: shell, disc, disc brake, lever, lever s, pad, or even brake parts or pad . As an avid MTB Serious Connection offers tailored advice and products to the needs of your bike to your transmission: bottom bracket bottom bracket, chain, crank, pedal, pedal, pedal parts, sprocket freewheel tensioner. Take part in the maintenance of your bike’s wheels by purchasing an inner tube , rim tape tape, 26 ” rim, 24 ” rim, 20 ” rim, 19 ” rim, front hubs, rear hubs, hub parts, 26 ” tire, 24 ” tire, 20 ” tire, 19 ” tire, but also 26 ” wheel, 24 ” wheel, 20 ” wheel, 19 ” wheel, mini bmx wheel , and your radius and head. In order to enjoy the freedom to ride, enjoy the comfort of a saddle and a seat tube adapted to your MTB . To complete all these tools, discover at Serious Connection all the textiles adapted to your sporting practice: cap, hat, shoe, glove, jersey, pants, fleece, protection, shorts, sweatshirt, tshirt and jackets … A selection of clothes to match your practice of Trial .